Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My First Show (Denver, 10/24)

This was never intended to be a "review" posted anywhere, so much as I was 18, had just seen (at the time) my idol for the first time, and wanted to tell my Myspace friends about it. I'll post it here for the sake of compilation.



Oh G-d man, that was the single best moment of my entire life! I have never been happier, and probably will never be that happy again, but that is beside the point.

I got there at about 3:15 (show was supposed to start at 8) to find an already substantial line, but nonetheless, the man in front of me assured me we would get good spots it we wanted them (I actually have a very good spot in line comparatively).

About half an hour after I got there a car from the Witmark Hotel pulls right up and drops the woman w/ an incredible grin off. She is still shaking. She gets behind me and tells me she just met Dylan in the lobby of the hotel! He "shuffled" by and they both turned around, and she said "Are you he?" to which he responded "Heh heh, I get that a lot"

Not 10 minutes after this woman gets in line, the two buses arrive. Saw Tony on one of them and saluted him, cant say for sure that he saw me haha.

Anyway, when they opened the house at 7, the nice neat line, suddenly mushrooms around the entrance, so when I finally got my ticket scanned, I made a beeline to the front, and to the good side of his keyboard. There were already about 3 lines of folks in front of me, but I managed to squeeze into the second row when we stood up.

The show didnt actually start until around 8:30, and kicked off w/ Absolutely Sweet Marie. It was my intent to keep a running setlist, but I abandoned that after Honest W/ Me. He was doing pretty good, fumbled a few lines now any then but the first 3 were overall very solid. (I didnt know the second one, third was Stuck Inside Of Mobile.) The audience didnt seem to be to into it though, and it was showing through on Bob's performance. I had been trying to watch Tony to see if I could take any new songs away, but it became clear that just watching is not the way to learn Garnier, especially from my angle, so I gave that up too and just concentrated on watching Bob at the keyboard. (BTW, do they put that accoustic w/i his reach just to tease the audience?)

I also discovered that when you dont have a guitar strapped to your chest, the way a person dances to Dylan's music makes said person look absolutely stupid. Oh well, I did it anyway. Me, and three or four people to my left and in the front row started dancing after Shooting Star of which Bob seemed to have a particularly hard time remembering the words to. I had been kind of dancing, but after SS I (and the 3 others) went all out. We rocked out, hard, and Bob took notice. I've always heard that it is a real high point if you make eye contact w/ Bob during a show, so I was hoping for that, but since he had his cowboy hat on (and they were all pushed pretty far back on stage) I really couldnt tell if he was makeing eye contact w/ me or not, though he might have like 3 or 4 times before we started dancing, seeing as how we were the only younger people in the front. Anyway, we start rocking out, and all the sudden, he keeps looking at us, making eye contact and almost nodding. The he starts to move a little more during the instrumentals.....then he starts talking to the band and smirking in our direction, meanwhile, he's dancing up there more and more! Finally, he laughs, at us, shooting a huge smile at all of us! He did this a lot, laughing/smiling at us, dancing etc. I dont know if he's very animated at his other shows, but what I hear/see on youtube....I've never seen him move this much. He kept looking at us, maybe to see if we'd lose out energy, but we kept it up, and so did he!

I realized a song or two into it that my dancing might be distracting those around me, so I asked if he would mind if I moved in front of a rather tall guy (I'm short so there's no way I'd have obstructed his view and there was a gaping hole) to be next to the other dancers.

He curtly said "Yes I do mind." Hey, I tried, so I continued my dancing were I was. I have no idea where this man came from, as he was not there when the show started. Bob played a lot of good rockin songs too, so I did lots of rockin out haha, even threw up the horns a few times toward the end.  haha

Standard encore ensued, and the 2 people who were directly in front of me left right after All Along The Watchtower. I immediately jumped into the spot and for the rest of the song I was front row! haha For some reason the duchebag to my left felt that since my dancing bothered him, he needed to get right directly behind me when I reached the rails. At this point I was all really rocking out, and I definately know I did not touch him in any other than maybe brushing against him. Anyway, he plows into me and says "hey buddy, next time you hit me in the head, you're outta here". The song only had thirty seconds left so I didnt argue w/ him, but continued dancing. Bob continued to look at us during the curtain call I guess it what you'd call it. Bob really seemed to be digging us digging him!

Anyway, I'm still on such a fucking high, better than any drug, and I seriously mean that. I'm sure I will have no voice tomorrow from yelling, and I'm sure my calf muscles wont be able to move from all the jumping, but it was totally fucking worth every second. Bob's voice was really spot on, the show couldnt have been better if they'd tried.



Something that I forgot to mention last night- Dylan talked. They say he never talks, but before he introduced his band, he mumbled something. No one could really hear what he was saying, they just though he was introducing them so they just kept cheering, but when the cheering died down a bit, he clearly said something about checking out all the fine restaraunts in Denver, which made everyone ecstatic- "Woooo, Denver" haha

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