Sunday, July 22, 2007

Red Rocks 1 (7/17)

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Got to Red Rocks at 6 the first day, only to find 10 or 11 folks already there. Cloudy all day (though I somehow managed to get a wicked sunburn) and a really easy wait. They soundchecked Love Sick, what sounded like the bass part to the album version of Cold Irons Bound, When The Deal Goes Down, and Rainy Day Women (which they appropriately opened with). When it came to the mad dash up the stairs and into the place, the guys in line ahead of me got the seats dead center, first row, and saved me one as well! 
MMJ are all very talented musicians, but need to put thier talent to work in a far less irritating fashion. They played for over an hour, allowing the wind and the rain to finally reach the venue. 
Dylan was delayed a bit because of the rain but finally came on. The wind started to kick up, threatening to remove T's hat a few times, so he ducked by his amp for the first 3 songs. His bass had been developing some problems, coming to a head on Every Grain Of Sand. So they threw him on standup and played Cry Awhile. 
I had talked to Denny a couple times though email, and last weekend, I asked him if he could ask Tony how he played Cry Awhile on the album, mentioning in the same email that I looked forward to seeing them in Colorado. He said he'd ask Tony, but I got this feeling that they were going to play it at at least one CO show. I almost went on here to proclaim it, but I didnt want someone from the Dylan Camp to read it and think that was why I asked. 
Amazing version, but T was not playing it how he did on the album. However, he didnt move the bass at all during that song, kept it facing forward and fretted very clearly, so I guess I'll just have to settle for learning the new bass part. (Thanks a million!) 
Friend Of the Devil came out of nowhere and took the crowds energy to a new plain (RR was always a huge Dead venue). T got really into it as well, even mouthing the words w/ Dylan. 
The energy stayed up there for H61 (the most rockin version I've ever heard) and the next three songs, so much so that during the instrumental verse of Most Likely, Dylan let his arms just fall at his sides and sort of swayed a little, clearly exausted. 
Masters of War was extremely intense. 
Best setlist of all of 07, and an amazing show to boot. The storm moved past us, but the flashed of lightning lit up the band for the rest of the night. Absolutely beautiful. They were going to have a hard time beating this one the next day. (On a side note, they FINALLY changed the picture on the posters! Did the KC show have new posters as well?)

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