Sunday, July 22, 2007

Red Rocks 2 (7/18)

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Got up to the place at 5.15 or so on Friday, and this time was the 4th in line. Watched the sun rise (and subsequently move across the sky...not a cloud to be found for day 2) A little after 6, a few more folks came w/ a copy of the Denver paper's review. We were all glad to see the reviewer was enough of a fan to get the titles of the songs correctly. It was scorching hot in line this day, but seemed like a shorter wait. 
The dumbass broad in charge of ticket scanning was a fuckin moron(dont get me started on that), and let the upper trough go far too early, so we were a little left of dead center, but still first row (seat 54 the first night, seat 63 the second, I'm not complaining!). They actually ended up being better then dead center.
This time Dylan played 4 on guitar. A most predictable setlist, but the band was so tight, it was incredible! Denny was on fire the whole night, far more animated then I've ever seen him. Dylan sort of boogied out from behind the keys and made like he was going to pick up the guitar on Summer Days, but decided against it at the last second and cruised back behind his keys. The energy was insane for that song, with Dylan so into it that he started just shouting rather then singing (trust me, it was a good thing) towards the end. I dont know how I managed to move around like I did, the folks behind me spilled thier drinks and I couldnt have been more stuck to the floor. 
They closed the main set w/ a kick ass Ballad of a Thin Man. I was so into the show that I forgot this was another song I was close to on bass and forgot to watch T, but who cares, the song was insane. 
During band intros, Tony pointed at me and smiled, which made my night that much better. I used to think people were insane when they talked about making eye contact w/ Dylan, but now I see what its all about. 
This was the best Dylan show I have ever seen. Last nights setlist was insane, but the band was just so tight tonight that it was enough to put this show ahead.

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